Lobsterine™ forte

Our best innovation for food service


The Lobsterine™ Forté is the perfect product for caterers, cruise lines and restaurants that want to offer a choice of lobster dishes on their menus. This ready-made product allows every chef to craft unique and delicious lobster base recipes in no time at all! Made only from natural products (no MSG, no flavors or colors added), the Lobsterine™ Forté also offers an exceptional nutritional profile.

Available in pods of 4 oz., the Lobsterine™ Forté is the ideal way to control your costs and your portions. No food or money wasted anymore! Chefs can now easily and consistently produce their original recipes. Taste it, like it and imagine your next recipe! Don’t forget to send it to us.



One pod of Lobsterine™ Forté and 3 oz of water gives a tasty and unique bisque! You can even finish it with your favorite spices or alcohol.

Lobster sauce

Just add 2 oz of light cream and 1 oz of water to get the perfect lobster sauce with one pod of Lobsterine™ Forté. Drizzle it on a white fish to boost the flavors.

Lobster quiche

Mix a pod of Lobsterine™ Forté with your quiche mix to get the perfect lobster quiche.

Lobster cakes

Lobsterine™ Forté can be easily blend into your cake recipe and obtain the best lobster cakes. Just fry it and offer it to your customers.