Lobsterine™ and Crabterine™

What is it ?

Lobsterine™ and Crabterine™ are 100% natural culinary bases made only from fresh lobsters or crabs. They are carefully emulsified and pasteurized to retain the best crustacean aromas and flavors. Lobsterine™ and Crabterine™ are the results of more than 2 years of R&D and hold US and Canadian patents. Each 1 lb of Lobsterine™ or Crabterine™ is made of 3 lb of lobster or crab. They are available in 8.8 lb thin frozen bag of 35 cm x 50 cm for easy handling and faster thawing. Each master carton contains 5 x 8.8 lb bag (44 lb net weight). 

How to use it ?

Lobsterine™ and Crabterine™ are easily implemented on your production line. They remove the hassle and the industrial risks associated with working from on-shell crustaceans. They insure a consistency in color, flavor and dosage for every production. Lobsterine™ and Crabterine™ are your best options to prepare bisques, sauces, fillings, terrines, soups, and many more!


Who can use it ?

Lobsterine™ and Crabterine™ are destined to industrial processors and kitchens that need to control their costs and that require standardized raw materials. These two products have been trusted for more than 15 years by many international food processors. Feel free to call us for more information.